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Dear Customers,


Alternative Carrier

With the possible UPS strike that may go into effect August 1, 2023. We would suggest any customer routed packages beginning the week of July 24, 2023 be routed on Fedex Ground. Amarillo Bolt’s preferred carrier is Fedex ground and all prepaid shipments will be routed that way for small parcels immediately.  Amarillo Bolt Company will not be responsible for any packages stuck in transit due to a UPS strike if customer chose UPS as the carrier.


Also expect shipping delays if the UPS strike occurs

All inbound and outbound freight will be affected if there is a strike.  Fedex is our preferred shipper, but they will be overloaded with packages if this occurs.  They have implemented a plan to limit packages from existing customers also. They will give us a number next week that is a formula using our average daily package volume and that will be all they will except per day.




With the continued volatility of material cost pricing is changing daily. Our current website server is experiencing problems with pricing updates. We will be emailing out confirmations with current pricing for all orders. When you place an order all order pricing is subject to change and

current pricing will be confirmed.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please feel free to contact us if any questions.


Due to escalating freight cost and additional handling added by carriers.

Effective 4/15/22 prepaid Freight policy well be as stated below

600.00 prepaid on Fasteners and pipe fittings ( any all thread over 3’ will be excluded)

1000.00 prepaid on combined orders (any all thread over 3’ will be excluded)

Prepaid frt will not be allowed on threaded rod over 3’, ladders, or any item over 60” . 

If any questions please feel free to contact us at 806-372-3254 or 800-658-2061


Thank you









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